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Unit Clerk

Perform clerical duties on a nursing unit.

What does an Unit Clerk do?

A unit clerk works with physicians, nurses, and other healthcare workers and provides clerical assistance. Duties can include scheduling appointments, answering phones, and other reception tasks.

As a unit clerk, you work closely with nursing staff and provide secretarial support. Under the direction of physicians, you perform clerical duties in a nursing home, hospital, or medical center. Tasks include coordinating patient appointments, answering the phone, and communicating with patients in person. Clerical duties also include filing, typing, and organizing paperwork. You’re responsible for ordering supplies, transcribing orders given by physicians, and preparing patient treatment charts.

Health unit clerks work under the direction of nursing staff and physicians to coordinate patient appointments and perform clerical duties. Health unit clerks also act as receptionists and communicate with patients on the phone and in person. With strong written and verbal skills, you also handle paperwork involving patients’ discharge, admission, and other information.

This position requires you to be effective at multitasking. Knowledge of medical terminology, medication administration, and vital signs are also essential skills a unit clerk possesses.

Unit clerks acquire training through a diploma, certificate, or associate’s degree program.