Union Representative

Serve as the Spokesperson who brings employee concerns to management.

What does an Union Representative do?

You’ve seen it on the news, television shows, and maybe even down the street-the marching crowd of disgruntled employees, taking a stand for fair pay and better working conditions. But have you ever wondered who organizes all of that? Well, now you know. It’s the Union Representative.

While it’s true that Union Representatives motivate employees to bind together in the name of a better workplace-whether through strikes, boycotts, or petitions-that’s just one part of their job. As a Union Representative, your goal is to negotiate agreements between groups of employees and employers.

The process involves a lot of communication. You listen to the employees to find out what they want. Then you approach management, present the employees’ case, and listen to what it has to offer.

This takes a lot of back and forth discussion. But often, an agreement can be written up that both sides can live with. Topics typically cover pay increases, vacation time, medical benefits, and schedules.

Starting a new union group is another part of your job. When a group of workers decide they want to unionize, they seek your expertise. This is often an emotional and volatile time because many employers fight the process. Wherever you are in your dealings with union members, you’ll need to bring a calm demeanor, leadership qualities, and conflict resolution skills to the bargaining table.

With these traits and a bucket full of determination, you ensure a safe, healthy, and fair working environment for those under your protective wing.