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What skills do hiring managers look for in underwriters?

Businesses and hiring managers look for candidates who interview for underwriter jobs to possess skills in underwriting, insurance, and liability. In addition to that, having commercial insurance and property & casualty insurance proficiency may differentiate you from your competitors who are applying for the same job.

Underwriters graduate with a variety of different majors. Some underwriters graduate with a business administration degree. About ten percent majored in economics and finance. Management science and marketing are less popular but still worth mentioning.

Underwriters are important to the success of companies in a variety of industries. The insurance industry is 2 – 3 times more popular for underwriters than any other industry. However, the financial services, banking, and hospital & health care industries are also good sectors to find underwriter jobs.

One other consideration for graduates who are seeking employment is job location. Underwriters often find employment opportunities in cities such as New York, Chicago, and Atlanta.


Calculate the risk of investing, granting loans, or giving insurance.

Salary Range: $59,639 - $105,000
Industry: Banking
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