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Underwater Photographer



Dive below the waves to take pictures of the underwater world.

What does an Underwater Photographer do?

Swimming with the fishes may be frightening to most people, but for an Underwater Photographer, it’s just another day at the office. Underwater Photographers spend their workdays taking pictures of different subjects, be they people or animals, underwater.

Like any photography job, this one requires a good eye for a shot, a quality camera, and patience to get the perfect picture. Unlike a regular Photographer though, as an Underwater Photographer you also need a scuba diving license, a quality waterproof camera case, and knowledge of how water affects things like lighting, colors, and staging.

You’re probably imagining yourself off a sun-drenched coast, shooting dramatic photos of sharks, schools of fish, or corals, but this isn’t always the case. Underwater Photographers also take pictures for fashion shoots, pet portraits, calendars, and even of individuals and families. Your photos might end up in books, scientific reports, or advertisements.

If you choose to work for yourself, you decide what type of photos to take and what you want your subjects to be. The difficult thing about this is the inconsistency of payment since it’s up to you to find customers. If you get a commissioned job, however, you earn a steady income, but you don’t necessarily get to pick your subjects or location.

The field of underwater photography can be a crowded one, but you can still stand out if you have a certain niche, an artistic eye, and, of course, big talent.

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