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Underwater Hunter Trapper

Recover hard-to-find sea creatures for eating, medical uses, and more.

What does an Underwater Hunter Trapper do?

Some creatures that lurk beneath the surface of the water may taste wonderful when grilled with a little lemon and olive oil. Others may make lifesaving medications when they’re ground up. Of course, before underwater creatures can be used this way, someone must capture them first. An Underwater Hunter Trapper is that person.

The methods an Underwater Hunter Trapper uses in his or her work depend heavily on the creatures being hunted. As an Underwater Hunter Trapper, if you’ve been asked to capture small creatures that don’t move much, such as abalone or sponges, you strap on diving gear and swim beneath the water to cut the items away from the rocks. If you’ve been asked to capture larger items, you string nets into the water, and pull those nets up when they’re full.

Sometimes, other curious creatures climb into your traps and nets, and it’s your responsibility to release them. You may cut your nets or damage your equipment in the process, but cursing isn’t acceptable (besides, it would be hard to do that underwater).

Creatures that live in water don’t stay fresh for long when they’re captured. So before you bring anything to the surface, you make sure that a container full of ice is ready. Each item you pull out of the water is stored in the ice.

Keeping your nets, hooks, and other equipment clean and in good condition makes your job much easier. At the end of each workday, you examine your equipment and make necessary repairs. You also spray it with cleanser so it won’t rust or corrode.