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Unattended Ground Sensor Specialist

Emplace, record location, and operate remote surveillance devices.

What does an Unattended Ground Sensor Specialist do?

Emplaces, records location, and operates remote surveillance devices and other monitoring equipment to gather intelligence information relating to enemy location, direction, and speed of movement: Examines air photographs and contour maps to determine best location for surveillance devices and monitoring equipment. Assists superiors in sensing equipment emplacement. Selects radio-relay sensor sites, and emplaces and activates relay stations. Installs and operates communications equipment. Uses authentication codes, signal operating instructions, and standing signal instructions when operating communication equipment. Camouflages sensor positions and tactical field positions. Observes monitoring, recording, and display devices and interprets and reports information gathered. Computes density, direction, rate of movement, and nature of targets detected. Performs preventive maintenance on unattended ground sensors, relay equipment, monitoring devices, and ancillary equipment. May recommend appropriate action and reaction to be taken and request supporting fire on targets.