Enforce baseball rules and call strikes on the diamond.

What does an Umpire do?

As an Umpire, you call the shots at baseball games, and work with other Umpires to make rulings on penalties and on whether a player is safe or out. Though your calls may result in a few tantrums from players or the Coach of the penalized team, your job is the center point around which every game revolves. Without an Umpire to enforce the rules, fair play goes right out the window.

It’s more than “One, two, three strikes, you’re out.” You’ve got a whole rulebook of regulations memorized by heart, and you keep a sharp eye on the ball and players to watch for any violations. When one occurs, you make the call and assign the penalty.

The bigger the game (think Major League over Little League), the more Umpires are needed to keep an eye on the infield, outfield, left field, and every spot of grass in between. The Umpire assigned to the home plate has the most to oversee, but the other Umpires need to stay on their toes or else they might miss a key moment that could turn the game around.

You’re the person in charge of signaling the start of the game, the end of the game, and all the plays throughout. Shouting “Safe!” won’t reach the stands so you get a library of fun hand gestures to throw out as well. You keep players in line and get a top-notch workout at the same time!