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Typewriter Repairer

Repair and adjust defective typewriters removed from production line.

What does a Typewriter Repairer do?

Repairs and adjusts defective typewriters removed from production line, using handtools, power tools, and gauges: Operates typewriter to test functioning of parts and mechanisms to determine repairs required. Disassembles machines to repair or replace defective components, using handtools and holding devices. Bends, taps, turns parts, such as screws, nuts, and type bar, to eliminate binding, looseness, and misalignment, using special handtools. Verifies specified clearance between parts, using spacebars, tension scales, dial indicators, and feeler gauges. Measures rotation of motor drive-wheel to determine speed of wheel, using tachometer. May adjust interrelated typewriter parts to synchronize machine operation and be designated Adjuster.