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Typesetting-Machine Tender

Tend and adjust linecasting machines to produce type composition.

What does a Typesetting-Machine Tender do?

Tends and adjusts one or more linecasting machines, equipped with tape converter unit, to produce type composition automatically: Positions spool of punched tape on machine reel. Threads end of tape through feed mechanism of converter unit. Turns control to start unit that sets type automatically as directed by coded signal on punched tape. Transfers lines of type, with copy, to composing or bank table for taking of proof. Adds new pigs of type metal to melting pot to replenish supply. Observes operation of machine to detect malfunction of keyboard, matrix circulation mechanism, tape feeding mechanism or other machine mechanisms, and adjusts their mechanical components, using handtools, or depresses keys on keyboard to clear jamming. Periodically cleans matrices, magazine, and molds. May replace worn parts, such as code bars, keys, and spacebands, using handtools and power tools.