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Type Copyist

Draw and cut out type characters of plastic.

What does a Type Copyist do?

Draws and cuts out type characters of plastic, such as letters, numbers, and logos for use in manufacturing phototypesetting type disks, using drawing and cutting instruments: Searches reference sources to determine availability of characters in type style specified on orders. Reproduces reference copies of new characters required to obtain working copies, using automatic film developer. Places tracing paper over working copies, and traces and draws new characters, using pencil and triangle. Measures width, thickness, and spacing of characters, using optical and other measuring instruments, and pencils in or erases markings of characters as necessary to arrive at specified size and spacing requirements. Places tracing paper with finalized characters in light box, positions plastic sheets over light box, and cuts plastic following character outlines on tracing paper to obtain plastic characters, using cutting tools and metal guides. Records identity of characters on card for filing with reference source and routes characters for further processing.