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Twister Tender

Tend machines that twist together two or more strands of yarn.

What does a Twister Tender do?

Tends machines that twist together two or more strands of yarn or insert additional twist into single strand of yarn to increase strength, smoothness, and uniformity of yarn: Creels machine with bobbins of yarn [CREELER 689.687-030], following work ticket specifications for color and type of yarn, or notifies change crew of exhausting yarn supply. Pulls ends of yarn over rollers, through tension guides, traveler, or flyer, and laps yarn onto takeup spool. Patrols machines to detect yarn breaks and exhausted supply packages. Ties broken ends by hand or with knotter, rethreads stopoffs, and untangles yarn. When twisting fiberglass sliver or yarn, repairs breaks with splicing fluid. May doff takeup packages [DOFFER 689.686-022] and replace them with empty spools. May tend twisting machine that combines yarn with wire. May record production and worker identification on ticket. May inspect yarn for defective twisting and remove defective takeup packages. May tend machines that produce irregular effects or patterns in yarn by actions of pattern chain or by setup of rolls and be designated Novelty-Twister Tender.