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How to get an entry level job as a tutor?

Tutors are important to the success of companies in all types of industries. In order to be a successful tutor, candidates should have skills in teaching, academic tutoring, and also have an understanding of teamwork and math.

What do tutors major in?

Most positions require at least a bachelor’s degree. Tutor jobs are often taken by people who were english language and literature, psychology, biology, mathematics or education majors in college.

Popular companies & industries for tutors

Tutors are employed across many different corporations and in many SMBs. They are more commonly employed in education management and higher education industries. The sidebar on this page includes popular companies for tutors to work at.

Popular cities for tutor jobs

One thing to consider for recent graduates is the cost of living for a certain city. New York is a popular place to work as a tutor even though the cost of living is considered expensive.


Provide additional instruction to students struggling with lessons.

Industry: e-learning
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