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Turret Punch-Press Operator

Operate turret punch presses to punch holes in metal sheets.

What does a Turret Punch-Press Operator do?

Operates turret punch press to punch holes or layout marks in metal sheets, plates, strips, or bars, following charts which list machine settings for each cut: Inserts, aligns, and locks punches and dies in turret, using hammer, shims, feelers, micrometers, and setscrews. Places workpiece on table manually or by using crane. Aligns workpiece to scale and end gauge on machine and clamps it to machine table. Pushes button to turn turret to specified punch and die. Turns cranks to set indicator to specified dimension on forward and lateral machine scale. Presses pedal to activate punch. Repeats operation for each machine setting specified on charts. Positions center punch from turret to touch plate and turns crank to scratch layout lines. May compute punch charts from blueprints, using square, scale, and applying knowledge of shop mathematics. May punch holes in nonmetallic materials.