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Tune-Up Mechanic

Expertly perform routine vehicle maintenance.

What does a Tune-Up Mechanic do?

Just as Copyright Lawyers specialize in laws pertaining to copyrights and Pastry Chefs concentrate on phyllo dough and frosting, Tune-Up Mechanics don’t try to tackle every job on the vehicle. Instead, they focus on replacing and checking the basic components that keep the engine in prime humming shape.

As a Tune-Up Mechanic, you know about the other systems and parts of the rig, but you choose to focus on the frequently used components that make up the ignition, fuel, and emissions systems. This specialization results in a quicker turnaround for the customer who wants her rig in and out in a hurry. Because you focus on the same parts day in and day out, you have an acute ability to diagnose and repair specific parts.

Typically, your day as a Tune-Up Mechanic has you hunched over the engine of one rig after another. You diagnose any mechanical issues by visual inspection and through the use of specialized tools. If there are no major findings to report, you begin pulling coils, spark plugs, and air filters for inspection. Sometimes, a seemingly easy project turns into a Bounty Hunter -level hunt for the right part, and other times, the tune-up goes off without a hiccup.

While you spend a good chunk of your day with a wrench in your greasy hands, customer service is part of the job, too. They’ll have questions. Since you’re the expert, you’ll have answers.