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Tugboat Mate

Supervise the activities of crew aboard tugboat.

What does a Tugboat Mate do?

Supervises and coordinates activities of crew aboard tugboat: Inspects towing gear and lifesaving equipment, and orders crew to repair or replace defective equipment. Directs activities of crew engaged in rigging towlines to barges or ship to be towed. Supervises crew engaged in cleaning and painting of boat. Stands watch during specified periods, and determines geographical position of boat upon request of TUGBOAT CAPTAIN, using loran and azimuths of celestial bodies. Steers tugboat, upon request of TUGBOAT CAPTAIN, to push or pull barges to destination and to berth and unberth ships, avoiding reefs, outlying shoals, and other hazards to navigation, utilizing navigation devices, such as compass and sextant, and aids to navigation, such as lighthouses and buoys. Assumes command of tugboat in event TUGBOAT CAPTAIN becomes incapacitated. Is required to hold license issued by U.S. Coast Guard.