Tucking Machine Operator

Operate sewing machines to fold and sew decorative tucks in products.

What does a Tucking Machine Operator do?

Operates sewing machine equipped with tucking attachment to fold and sew uniform or graduated decorative tucks in products, such as decorative cloth fabrics and hats and caps: Turns screws to adjust tension of thread, length of stitch, and spacing and width of tucks. Places material over adjustable guide blade and swings blade into position against needle or moves lever to lower presser foot with attached tucking device and folds material over tucking device and against guide beneath needle. Moves lever to lock presser foot and tucking device onto material. Trims excess material and thread from tucked article, using blade attached to machine or scissors. When sewing graduated tucks, attaches specified cam to machine to control progressive size change in tucks. May sew lace or braid into seam of tuck. When operating machine with attachment that feeds gimp under fabric to form round, puffed tucks, is designated Air Tucker. Performs duties as described under SEWING-MACHINE OPERATOR, REGULAR EQUIPMENT Master Title.