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Tuber Machine Operator

Set up and operate tuber machines to extrude rubber in specified form.

What does a Tuber Machine Operator do?

Sets up and operates tuber machine to extrude rubber in specified form: Selects and installs die in machine, using handtools. Turns steam valve or lights gas burner to heat machine to desired temperature. Starts machine, turns dial for specified extrusion speed, and turns die screws to extrude stock of specified size. Feeds rubber stock into machine by hand or conveyor. Verifies dimensions of extruded rubber with gauge, calipers, and ruler. Turns wheels or pulls levers to synchronize conveyor with extruding speed. May be designated according to product extruded as Garden-Hose Tuber-Machine Operator; Inner-Tube Tuber-Machine Operator; Rim-Strip Tuber-Machine Operator; Rubber-Flap Tuber-Machine Operator; Solid-Tire Tuber-Machine Operator; Tread-Tuber-Machine Operator. May cover braided fabric hose with rubber and be designated Covering-Machine Operator.