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Tuber Machine Cutter

Tend machines and auxiliary equipment that cut extruded rubber stocks.

What does a Tuber Machine Cutter do?

Tends machines and auxiliary equipment that cut extruded rubber stock into specified lengths for items, such as tire treads, sidewalls, and other rubber goods: Turns crank and observes dial to adjust automatic cutter frame for specified cutting cycle or turns handwheel to adjust stock stop for specified lengths. Starts machine that cuts rubber as it passes on conveyor or positions stock against stop and pulls rotating blade across stock to cut and bevel ends. Observes passage or treads and sidewalls through automated auxiliary equipment that prints identification numbers on items, glues cushion strip to treads and sidewalls, and weighs items to detect variation from standards. Notifies TUBER-MACHINE OPERATOR of machine malfunctions and processing defects. Fills reservoirs of printing, gluing, and marking machines. Changes numerals and brushes in printing and gluing machines, using handtools. May cut treads and sidewalls to specified lengths, using shears. May be designated according to product cut as Inner-Tube Cutter; Rubber-Flap Cutter.