Tube Drawer

Tend tube drawing machines that shape and form metal tubing.

What does a Tube Drawer do?

Tends tube drawing machine that shapes and forms metal tubing of specified internal and external diameters: Positions and fastens specified drawing die in diehead and plug die on plug rod, using handtools. Centers plug die in opening of drawing die. Loads tube over plug rod manually, or activates automatic loading mechanism. Places tapered end of tube in contact with dies of machine that automatically pulls tube through dies. Examines finished tubing for defects, such as scratches, pits, and cracks, and measures cross-sectional dimensions with fixed gauges and micrometers to verify conformance to specifications. May taper end of tubing [LATHE TENDER 604.685-026]. May operate controls to start machine carriage that grips and pulls tubing through die. May be required to have experience with particular metal, or type and trade name of machine.