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Trust Operations Assistant

Open and close trust accounts.

What does a Trust Operations Assistant do?

Opens and closes trust accounts; arranges transfer of trust assets; updates trust account records; pays bills, dividends, and interest; and performs clerical duties in personal or corporate trust department: Compiles, records, and enters names and addresses, description of assets, and other information, or deletes information previously entered, to open or close trust account, using computer. Calls or writes holders of assets, trust customer, stock transfer company, and other parties, and transmits specified documents to arrange for transfer of securities and other trust assets to or from trust account. Documents funds received or disbursed and updates records. Prepares and mails checks, or enters commands to generate checks, to pay bills for personal trust customers, disburse loan proceeds, and remit dividends, interest, and other funds to recipients. Composes and types business letters, using computer or typewriter. Opens mail and answers telephone. May call investment department to obtain information on investments and market conditions requested by trust customer. May place customer order for purchase or sale of investment with establishment investment department.