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Trumpet Player

Play the trumpet in bands and orchestras.

What does a Trumpet Player do?

Everyone knows that the only way to announce a King’s entrance into a room is with a trumpet. But has anyone ever given more than a passing thought to the person who creates that sound? A Trumpet Player deserves a bit of the limelight, too, because it takes tremendous skill to play their instrument. As a Trumpet Player, your first love is music, but after years of practice, your skill becomes so polished that you can actually make a career out of your trumpet playing.

A member of the brass family, the trumpet is played by blowing air through tight lips in order to create a vibration in the column of the instrument, producing sounds. However, your extensive training teaches you that playing is not that simple. The strength of your breath, the agility of your fingers on the piston valves, and your ability to follow and read music are all factors that contribute to the quality of your playing.

As with all professional Musicians, Trumpet Players need to perform in order to make ends meet. Fortunately, the trumpet is one of the most diverse instruments.

If you’re a fan of rock and roll, you’re in luck: Plenty of ska bands feature brass players. If you prefer classical music, on the other hand, symphonies and orchestras provide not only a stage, but also a community of fellow Musicians. Maybe Miles Davis and the world of jazz intrigue you, in which case working as soloist in jazz clubs would be your ideal gig.

When off the stage, trumpet playing requires constant practice. Bands, orchestras, and symphonies practice for weeks before a performance. Often, this means possessing the ability to work with fellow Musicians, even in the face of creative disagreement.