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Truck Loader

Load packages and prepare them to be shipped down the road.

What does a Truck Loader do?

Truck Loaders work in nearly every industry that uses trucks to move materials from one place to another. Every day, thousands of trucks are loaded with merchandise headed to retail stores, foods destined for grocery stores, gravel en route to the work site, and gasoline for delivery to gas stations.

As a Truck Loader, you might work for a shipping company, such as UPS or FedEx, routing and loading packages for delivery each day. Truck Loaders also commonly load open or container trucks, such as those that haul milk, dirt, sand, gravel, or coal. Other jobs require you to work in the warehouse or shipping yard for a manufacturer or warehouse facility.

Regardless of the cargo, you’re the one who makes sure the load is correct and secure before it leaves on its journey. That means you verify quantities, weights, delivery schedules, and amounts for each load. You see to it that tanks are properly sealed, cargo is tied down, and loads are covered for transport.

You might load boxes or pallets of merchandise by hand or with a forklift, ensuring the accuracy of each package as you go. For larger loads, you employ large machinery to scoop, pump, or pour materials into the truck. However you get the job done, your efforts get the product on board and on the road to its next destination.