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Truck Crane Operator

Run a mobile crane from the back of a truck to move materials.

What does a Truck Crane Operator do?

Truck Crane Operators control the movement of cranes, stacking concrete slabs together like blocks and hoisting fallen trees like adult-size Lincoln Logs. Construction Workers and Truck Crane Operators work together to direct machines to their places and safely lift heavy objects.

As a Truck Crane Operator, you’re up with the rising sun and you start your day by planning out your schedule for the afternoon. High priority or extensive projects come first, while smaller jobs requiring fewer workers come last in line. Once you’ve organized your schedule, you confirm your plans with the Project Manager to make sure all the necessary equipment is in place for the day.

Most of your time is spent outdoors. You drive the truck around the construction site, and use levers, pedals, and knobs to carefully lower and lift the giant crane. Surprisingly, a good bit of your time is spent outside the truck, double-checking cables and other machine parts for damage. Your main focus is safety, and a snapped cable could spell disaster.

At the end of the day, you clean and lubricate the equipment and store it for the night. Protecting your crane from wind and weather is another important part of construction safety. With your skills, jobs are completed properly and on time.