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Trim Die Maker

Lay out, machine, assemble, and finish metal stocks to make dies.

What does a Trim Die Maker do?

Lays out, machines, assembles, and finishes metal stock to make dies that trim excess metal flash from forged metal parts, following blueprints and applying knowledge of die design and construction, shop mathematics, and metal properties: Analyzes blueprint of part or die and plans sequence of operations. Measures and scribes metal stock to layout design of die. Sets up and operates variety of machine tools, such as shaper, vertical turret lathe, and engine lathe to machine die parts [TOOL-MACHINE SET-UP OPERATOR]. Bolts and dowels die parts to assemble die, using handtools, such as power grinder, scrapers, files, and emery cloth to fit die parts and to obtain specified dimensions and contours. Inspects assembled die with sample part and measuring instruments, such as calipers, micrometers, and height gauges to verify conformance to specifications. May make dies containing mechanical or hydraulic components. May make dies that trim flash diecastings. May make templates to verify dimensions [TEMPLATE MAKER, EXTRUSION DIE]. May make tools to form die parts [TOOL MAKER]. May repair dies and be designated Die Repairer, Trimmer Dies.