Tree Planter

Grow tree seedlings, then replant them in nature.

What does a Tree Planter do?

Trees create tiny seeds and drop them on the ground so they can grow into small seedlings. Sometimes, though, humans step in to give the trees a helping hand. Seeds are gathered and planted in a greenhouse, and when they’re tiny seedlings, a Tree Planter places them in the ground.

If you’re a Tree Planter, there are a lot of venues where you can practice your trade. For example, Christmas tree farms clamor for your services, as they have many, many trees that must be planted each year. Restoration work is also a big part of your job as a Tree Planter: After a forest fire, you’re called in to plant replacement trees. Additionally, logging companies are often required to replant seedlings in clear-cut forest areas.

Regardless of who employs you, your duties are generally the same. When you arrive for work, you load up your truck with trees from the greenhouse. The smell may remind you of Christmas, even though the holiday may be months away.

At the planting site, you draw straight rows in the dirt with your shovel, or create rows with stakes and string. Then, you dig a small hole using your shovel. The seedling is delicate, so you exercise great care in removing the plant from the pot. You put this plant in the hole, fill the hole with dirt, and repeat these steps over and over.

In the course of a day, you might plant hundreds of trees. It’s imperative that you work quickly so you can go home before sunset. Taking breaks to admire your work will be allowed, however.