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Tree Climber

Ascend trees using climbing boots and a harness for timber companies.

What does a Tree Climber do?

If you’ve ever envied Tarzan, then the job of a Tree Climber is the perfect one for you. Although you wear more than a loin cloth, you share the rush of traversing a canopy of trees, high above the ground. Peace, serenity, and a connection to nature call to you as you climb ever higher, into places few people have ventured.

Safety is, of course, the main factor for a Tree Climber. Your mother’s warning still rings in your ears: “If you fall out of that tree, you’re gonna break an arm.” Well, she was right, so you wear a helmet and safety harnesses, and you know how to properly use them.

If you are the first to the canopy, you set up the ropes and pulleys for anyone who might come behind you. This requires balance and dexterity to ensure the system is properly installed.

Tree climbing as a recreational activity has grown in popularity over the years. It’s not surprising that it is labeled a sport, considering the level of strength, agility, and focus that it requires. Fortunately for you, there is also a variety of ways to make money as a Tree Climber. So you get to do what you love, with the skills you’ve honed, and pay the rent at the same time.

You might do this as an Arborist, an Animal Rescuer, or a researcher, where you prune, top, thin, or take samples of trees.