Treasury Manager

Handle funds and financial risks in for a business.

What does a Treasury Manager do?

A Treasury Manager handles funds and financial risks for a particular business. Your priority is to ensure that the business has the money it needs to manage its daily business obligations, while also developing its long-term financial strategies and policies.

As a Treasury Manager, your role is to assess risk and analyze the pros and cons to determine if the company’s decisions are good for the firm. If you approve of the decisions, you develop and implement a financial strategy that supports the expansion of the business. You also have the responsibility of monitoring and assessing market conditions, determining how external factors will impact the business, and putting strategies in place to avoid any potential financial risks to the business.

Skills for a Treasury Manager are effective communication, both written and verbal, excellent knowledge of investment portfolio strategy, banking, and financial instruments, as well as good organizational and analytical skills. A bachelor’s degree in accounting or finance is a must, and relevant experience is an added advantage.