Treasury Consultant

Advise companies on reducing costs and risks.

What does a Treasury Consultant do?

The term treasury relates to all things having to do with money. For businesses, this covers all the details of investing, business practices, and even bank fees. A Treasury Consultant reviews all aspects of a business’s financial operations and offers advice on money-saving strategies.

To help companies create and maintain a healthy cash flow, Treasury Consultants evaluate each component of the business. Every policy and decision has the potential to impact the bottom line, so in addition to the obvious expenditures such as loan origination fees or supplier costs, as a Treasury Consultant you also scrutinize staffing, company policies, international trade, and outsourcing practices. With this information, you consider changes that will reduce costs, such as making changes to the payroll cycle or shipping practices.

A business uses your expertise not only to save money, but also to reduce the amount of risk they take. You structure and implement hedges and keep track of other investments. In addition, you monitor the company’s debt and evaluate which components are “good” debts and which should be paid off. You provide information that helps Money Managers make investments in alignment with company goals.

This job requires a love of numbers and an analytical mind. If you just can’t turn away when the financial news flashes on TV, this might be the position for you. This position also offers the flexibility to work for investment banks, government agencies consulting firms, or corporate giants.