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Trawl Net Maker

Lay out and cut pattern, and fabricates trawl nets.

What does a Trawl Net Maker do?

Lays out and cuts pattern, and fabricates trawl nets, using handtools and prefabricated net materials: Draws diagram to lay out parts for net, computing dimensions in number of meshes required along each seam. Lays out patterns for net parts on paper, using rule and pencil or marking crayon. Cuts patterns with scissors. Stretches netting materials on table or floor and cuts net parts with scissors, following patterns. Hangs net parts on pins along wall, over frames, or holds seams together with hands and toes to align seams. Threads twine, wound on shuttles, through adjacent meshes of parts and ties half-hitch knots around knots of mesh to secure seam. Hangs net to metering lines. Similarly attaches prefabricated bag to truncated end of net.