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Travel Agency Manager

Manage travel agencies.

What does a Travel Agency Manager do?

Manages travel agency: Directs, coordinates, and participates in merchandising travel agency services, such as sale of transportation company carrier tickets, packaged or specialized tours, or vacation packages. Plans work schedules for employees. Trains employees in advising customers on current traveling conditions, planning customer travel and itineraries, ticketing and booking functions, and in calculating costs for transportation and accommodations from current transportation schedules and tariff books and accommodation rate books. Sells travel tickets, packaged and specialized tours, and advises customers on travel plans. Reviews employee ticketing and sales activities to ensure cost calculations, booking, and transportation scheduling are in accordance with current transportation carrier schedules, tariff rates, and regulations and that charges are made for accommodations. Reconciles sales slips and cash daily. Coordinates sales promotion activities, approves advertising copy, and travel display work. Keeps employee records and hires and discharges employees.