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Travel Accommodations Rater

Inspect and evaluate travel and tourist accommodations.

What does a Travel Accommodations Rater do?

Inspects and evaluates travel and tourist accommodations in order to rate facilities to be listed in guidebook produced by employing organization, such as automobile club, tourism promoters, or travel guide publishers: Travels to and inspects travel accommodations and tourist facilities, such as hotels, motels, restaurants, campgrounds, vacation resorts, and other similar year-round or seasonal recreational establishments in order to observe conditions and gather data to be used in determining ratings. Rates or re-rates establishment according to predetermined standards concerning quantity and quality of such factors as convenience of location, variety of facilities available, degree of cleanliness maintained, efficiency of services offered, range of rates charged, and other matters of concern to travelers. Reports findings to employer by filling out forms containing ratings and reasons for conclusions and judgments. May sell to establishments concerned advertising space in publication in which ratings are to appear.