Trauma Injury Prevention Specialist

Educate the public to help prevent injuries.

What does a Trauma Injury Prevention Specialist do?

While no one really wants to have a major injury and wind up in the hospital, many people have no idea what steps they should take to stay out of the emergency room. They may continue to not wear seatbelts, to smoke in bed, and to talk on their cell phones while using power tools. A Trauma Injury Prevention Specialist tries to protect these people from themselves. By holding classes and seminars, the Trauma Injury Prevention Specialist helps people learn how to stay safe.

As a Trauma Injury Prevention Specialist, you work closely with a Trauma Injury Prevention Coordinator. This person runs reports that tell you what you should focus on based on the injuries that have come into your facility in the recent past.

With this information in hand, you meet with Graphic Artists and Writers to develop posters, advertisements, and handouts for your community. You call local community centers, schools, and business organizations to set up meetings where you can disperse your information. Sometimes, you even hold classes inside the hospital and ask members of the community to show up for a free lesson.

When your program is in place and running, you meet with the Trauma Injury Prevention Coordinator once more, asking if the number of injuries in your area has gone down as a result of your work. If it hasn’t, you tweak your program and start again. If it has, you move on to a new focus, attempting to solve a new emerging problem.