Trauma Coordinator

Make sure trauma patients receive the proper treatments.

What does a Trauma Coordinator do?

Trauma patients may have been shot, burned, or stabbed. They may have fallen or been in car accidents. In short, they’re often quite ill, and they need a lot of care in order to get well and go about their lives once more. A Trauma Coordinator makes sure the right services are provided to these trauma patients.

Medical journals are full of information about how particular trauma cases should be treated. Knowing the proper methods is a big part of your job as a Trauma Coordinator, as you need to check the care your hospital is providing against the published standards. You may also develop standards that your hospital must use when dealing with trauma cases.

Trauma patients may enter the hospital when you’re home, snuggled in your bed. When you arrive at work in the morning, you look over the new cases and the treatments those patients have received. If the patients are conscious, you may visit with them and ask how they’re feeling. Other departments, such as physical therapy or speech rehabilitation, may be able to help those patients, and you make sure those departments are involved.

Sometimes, the patient’s Doctor may be overlooking medication therapies or treatments that are considered standard for that trauma. While you’re not a Doctor yourself, it is your job as Trauma Coordinator to point these omissions out. You puff up your chest and talk to the Doctor about what you’ve found.

When the patient leaves the hospital, your job doesn’t end. You may continue working with them, making sure they’re keeping follow-up appointments and utilizing community resources to get better.