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Trapeze Artist

Perform breathtaking trapeze stunts for audiences.

What does a Trapeze Artist do?

They float through the air with the greatest of ease, those beautiful folks on the flying trapeze. Trapeze Artists are entertainers, first and foremost, but they’re also skilled Athletes who perform awe-inspiring tricks far above the heads of their stunned spectators.

If you’re a Trapeze Artist, you may work with a set of partners or you may work alone. You either develop your own routines or are given a set of routines created by someone else. In any case, you spend a portion of each and every day practicing your Trapeze Artist routines.

You hang from your trapeze, swing from one trapeze to another, dangle from strings on the trapeze, or sway as you clasp hands with another Trapeze Artist. You must move quickly and accurately so you don’t fall into the net below.

Before your performance, you put on your shimmering outfit and makeup. Then you head out and do the routine you’ve practiced. If you nail the performance, you may be tempted to celebrate with a gooey chocolate brownie, but you resist this temptation.

You need to keep your weight down at all costs so you can perform your act without excess pounds weighing you down. So you just smell the brownies instead of eating them.

Traveling from place to place for your work, you may be away from home for months at a time, but you have the opportunity to entertain people of all ages. Although you never actually touch them or meet them face to face, you’ll know you’ve pleased them by their O-shaped mouths and loud applause.