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Transportation Director

Formulate policies, programs, and procedures for transportation system.

What does a Transportation Director do?

Formulates policies, programs, and procedures for transportation system, including schedules, rates, routes, assignment of drivers and vehicles and other terminal operations: Submits recommendations for development of, and compliance with transportation policies, procedures, and programs. Plans, directs, and implements vehicle scheduling, allocation, dispatching, licensing, and communication functions in accordance with established policies and objectives to effect economical utilization of vehicle facilities. Directs compilation and issuance of timetables. Conducts continuous analyses of vehicle and driver assignments and analyzes scheduling for possible consolidation. Reviews and revises driver schedules to ensure increased efficiency and to lower costs. Conducts field surveys to evaluate operations and recommends changes. Directs compilation and preparation of statistical surveys to determine traffic trends. Reviews and analyzes reports, such as revenue and performance records, and seat occupancy patterns to secure information for recommended changes. Analyzes proposed schedules and rates, initiates preparation and distribution of proposed trip schedule changes, and submits analyses of data and rescheduling recommendations to administration. Directs operation and maintenance of communication systems, reviews procedures, provides guidance to resolve technical problems, analyzes costs and recommends cost control measures. Reviews cost statements to locate excessive expenses, and develops plans, policies, and budgets. Selects and recommends personnel for staff positions and trains and assigns personnel for supervisory positions.