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Transmission Technician

Help repair and install gearboxes with expert precision.

What does a Transmission Technician do?

A Transmission Technician knows automobile transmissions like the back of their hand. No matter how worn or dirty it may be, a Transmission Technician can spot the problem (if one exists) in a heartbeat, and knows how to fix it.

You can work as a Transmission Technician in an auto repair shop, auto dealership, or specialty transmission repair shop. Your hours vary but the job stays consistently interesting. You are highly specialized in your area of automotive repair, providing customers with more than just new parts. With your patience and understanding that most people don’t know anything about fixing cars, you take the time to explain the problem, how it is corrected, and how to prevent it in the future.

Without the transmission, the car or truck will not move. This makes your job pretty important. Vehicle transmissions work using many advanced systems, and you are responsible for knowing everything there is to know about them, like the hydraulic pumps, couplings, and gear trains.

Just because you spend time under the hood doesn’t mean you can forget your manners, though. Working directly with customers, you often explain transmission problems in a simple and pleasant way. The ability to lift up to 50 pounds, and stand, walk, and bend for long periods of time are requirements as well.