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Transmission Superintendent

Direct operation and maintenance of substations and transmissions lines.

What does a Transmission Superintendent do?

Directs operation and maintenance of substations and transmissions lines located at various points throughout electric power system, and the transmission of electrical energy from source to substations: Confers with management and executives of other divisions on such matters as design, construction, operation, and maintenance of system equipment. Formulates and interprets company policies and operating procedures to subordinate supervisory personnel. Prepares budget estimates. Reviews and approves material requisitions and work authorization. Investigates, evaluates, and prepares reports on application of new developments. Reviews and approves drawings for facilities. Prepares, or directs preparation of specifications for materials and work methods. Analyzes bids for materials, equipment, and services, and recommends purchases and awarding of contracts. Directs selection and training of new workers through subordinates. Schedules operation and maintenance work programs and periodically inspects work activities to ensure compliance with company and government regulations. Prepares monthly operating reports.