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Transmission Specialist

Diagnose and fix problems to keep cars shifting smoothly.

What does a Transmission Specialist do?

A Transmission Specialist is a Mechanic with special training in transmission work. In addition to knowing each part that makes up the transmission, Transmission Specialists are specifically trained on the electronics and computer systems that drive it. If you’re a Transmission Specialist, you may specialize in a certain make and model, or work on several.

You are both an Auto Technician and a Mechanic. While a Technician is heavily involved in the diagnosis process, the Mechanic performs the actual work. You perform tests that evaluate the different parts, and establish whether they can be fixed or need to be replaced. Once you’ve made a diagnosis, you gather pricing information for parts and labor, and write up a bid for the customer. If the customer gives you the green light, you order parts.

Of course you get your hands greasy like other Mechanics, but you’ve chosen to focus on the fluid-streaked parts of the transmission. On a typical day, you change transmission fluid, replace broken parts, lube moving pieces, replace clutch parts, and run tests on the electronics.

You can work in another Mechanic’s business, or wear a few more hats in a smaller shop. With enough experience in the field, you can open your own shop. But wherever you pull on your coveralls, you have an important job. Because of you, car and truck owners don’t have to worry that their vehicles will slip out of gear or refuse to shift into reverse.