Transformer Tester

Test insulation, current resistance, and performance of transformers.

What does a Transformer Tester do?

Tests insulation, current resistance, loss of current, and performance of transformers and tests insulating strength of transformer oil, using electrical testing mechanisms: Attaches transformer wires to terminal board mounting various testing meters and to live wire for energizing transformer. Adjusts testing-meter indicators at settings governed by test to be made and volt specifications on transformer tested, employing extensive knowledge of transformers. Successively turns switches which control transmission of current through transformer to testing meters, such as voltmeter, ammeter, and ohmmeter, for testing insulation, resistance, and loss of current. Notes action of circuit breaker which automatically stops flow of current if transformer does not react correctly to test applied. Tests insulating strength of transformer oil by passing current through oil sample placed in box containing two electrodes. Notes whether current will break down oil, causing arc between electrodes, actuating dielectric meter and indicating oil is of insufficient insulating strength. Tests fuse strength by regulating switch and sending excessive current through transformer. Diagnoses transformer defects and routes rejected transformers for repairs.