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Transfer Car Operator

Drive electrically powered transfer cars on railroad tracks.

What does a Transfer Car Operator do?

Drives electrically powered transfer car on railroad tracks to transport carloads of brick or tile to and from loading station, drying tunnel, kiln, sorting area, or other designated area: Flips switches, moves levers, and depresses pedals to move transfer car to loading station and aligns rails on transfer car with rails on loading platform. Hooks winch cable to carload of brick or tile and operates winch to pull loaded drier car or kiln car onto transfer car. Drives transfer car to specified drier or kiln and aligns transfer car rails with rails into kiln or drier. Hooks cable to loaded car and operates winch to pull car into drier or kiln. Pulls car of dried or fired brick or tile from drying tunnel or kiln and transfers car to sorting area, processing department, or storage area. May manually push or pull loaded or empty cars onto or off transfer car. May open and close drying tunnel or kiln doors, using hook or by pressing button or moving lever. May move dried brick from drier cars to kiln cars, using hoist. May operate automated system that loads brick onto drier cars and moves cars through drying tunnel.