Transcultural Nurse

Help connect patients and health providers from different cultures.

What does a Transcultural Nurse do?

Regardless of race, religion, or country of origin, everyone gets sick. In other words, disease doesn’t discriminate. Unfortunately, health care often does, which is why there’s a special type of Nurse dedicated to erasing health care inequities: a Transcultural Nurse.

As a Transcultural Nurse, you care for patients of diverse backgrounds and beliefs, with a focus on being sensitive to their unique traditions, customs, and circumstances. After all, people from different countries and cultures typically speak different languages and often have different ideas and values about health, wellness, illness, disease, and death. It’s your conviction as a Transcultural Nurse that those people’s beliefs deserve to be respected, and you make it your mission to give them equitable and effective care that’s at once high quality and high touch.

Given your commitment to cultural sensitivity and diversity, you often work in foreign countries – especially developing nations – alongside Doctors and Surgeons who are giving volunteer care to native populations. Just as often, however, you work at hospitals and clinics in America’s inner cities, which are veritable melting pots of races, ethnicities, and faiths where a Transcultural Nurse is often needed to build bridges between Physicians and patients of different backgrounds.

Your duties, it’s worth noting, are identical to those of a regular Nurse: You assist Doctors by communicating with patients, keeping records, checking vital signs, drawing blood, dressing wounds, giving diagnostic tests, administering medications, and educating patients about their care. What’s unique about your brand of nursing, therefore, isn’t what you do. It’s how you do it: You understand keenly where your patients come from and advocate fiercely for what they need – both on the exam table and off!