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Transcribing-Machine Operator

Operate typewriters or word processor/computer.

What does a Transcribing-Machine Operator do?

Operates typewriter or word processor/computer to transcribe letters, reports, or other recorded data heard through earphones of transcribing machine: Inserts cassette tape into cassette player or positions tape on machine spindle and threads tape through machine. Positions earphones on ears and presses buttons on transcribing machine to listen to recorded data. Turns dials to control volume, tone, and speed of voice reproduction. Depresses pedal to pause tape. Types message heard through earphones. Reads chart prepared by dictator to determine length of message and corrections to be made. May type unrecorded information, such as name, address, and date. May keep file of records. May receive and route callers [RECEPTIONIST 237.367-038]. May be designated by subject matter transcribed as Legal Transcriber; Medical Transcriber.