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Trampoline Coach

Show new and old gymnasts how to tumble, land, and roll safely.

What does a Trampoline Coach do?

Every twirling, tumbling, spinning Gymnast on the trampoline got her start from a Trampoline Coach. A special type of Gymnastics Coach, the Trampoline Coach specializes in none other than trampolines. From beginners to pros, Gymnasts work with Trampoline Coaches to improve their bouncing skills.

As a Trampoline Coach, you may focus on private lessons or teach multiple classes throughout the day. In your beginning class, students learn how to safely control their bodies on the trampoline. This includes jumping and landing techniques, and may even move into rolls.

Once your students have taken to the trampoline like fish to water, you move on to mastering moves. Flips and spins win competitions. Every little movement contributes to a smooth performance.

When working with advanced students, you spend time watching as they run through their routines for upcoming competitions. You critique the performance and offer tips for improvement. Often, you choreograph the routine yourself.

In between teaching, you’re in your office creating lesson plans and handling paperwork. With a steady stream of new students every year, you have to play Accountant and Secretary, tracking payments and registration. On top of it all, you constantly rework your classes. By always striving to be the best, you keep your customers satisfied.