Training Technician

Train and direct workers in methods of processing fish roe.

What does a Training Technician do?

Trains and directs workers in methods of processing fish roe: Teaches FISH ROE PROCESSOR 522.687-046 characteristics, such as color, maturity, and outer appearance of membrane, of egg skeins to enable worker to recognize skeins of different species, appearance of unacceptable skeins, and commercial grades of skeins. Demonstrates packing procedures, such as method of lining boxes, placement patterns of processed skeins in boxes, and amount of salt to apply to each layer. Directs workers to change brine solution used to preserve skeins and sets timer that controls processing times of skeins in brining vats. Retrains workers as necessary. Sorts, salts, grades, and packs skeins of fish roe [FISH ROE TECHNICIAN 522.384-010]. Tests processed egg skeins for nitrate content, using prepared chemical kit, comparison charts, and following kit instructions. May direct activities of other workers.