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Training Consultant

Develop programs to teach employees how to do a better job.

What does a Training Consultant do?

A company’s Training Consultant teaches the staff how to do what they do best. From Computer Scientists to Secretaries, every employee needs training from time to time on company policies or more efficient project management. As a Training Consultant, you identify the need for new skills, and find the best way to instill them in the staff.

Planning comes before training for a Training Consultant. You find out what exactly you need to teach, and decide how best to teach it. You spend most of your time in the office, developing training manuals, mapping out a time frame for classes, and finding ways to integrate new technology into your sessions. Instead of wasting piles of paper on training documents, you could put them on the company’s computers.

Once training starts, you typically leave most of the teaching to others. Whether it’s a pro who knows all about a new computer program or a Customer Service Representative who teaches better customer support skills, they run the classes while you work behind the scenes.

You evaluate each class and look for ways to improve. Testing employee comprehension shows whether the lectures offer valuable tips or put the staff to sleep. A bit of fine-tuning and everything is running smoothly. From weekly seminars to monthly meetings, you find creative and efficient ways to keep a company’s employees on top of their game.