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Training and Development Specialist



Lead training sessions for employees.

Salary Range

$60,360 - $102,340

Source: U.S. Department of Labor

What does a Training and Development Specialist do?

A training and development specialist is hired by companies to train employees via seminars, presentations, and workshops that teach new skills and impart new knowledge. The result is improved employee productivity, higher employee morale, and increased employee loyalty.

While all people grow up eventually, there’s at least one thing that they don’t stop doing when they become adults: they never stop learning. That said, adults do stop going to school. To keep the learning alive, therefore, they need a teacher. As a training and development specialist, you’re that teacher.

Your sessions as a training and development specialist may last anywhere from a few hours to a few days, and in some cases may even last several weeks or months. The content varies—you may teach teamwork, for instance, communication skills or even technical knowledge for using new software, employing new tools, or adopting new management strategies. However, the process is typically the same: You work with clients to determine program objectives, then design and develop lessons, lectures, and activities to achieve them, ultimately executing lesson plans via instruction, discussion, and demonstration.

Although it’s common to deliver programs in person in classrooms and conference facilities, you may also engage students remotely and virtually through distance education programs, training videos, and Internet-based learning environments.

Sometimes you’re called a , an , or simply a . Always, though, your goal is turning grown-up workers into lifelong learners to the benefit of employees and employers alike.

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