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Trailer Park Manager

Keep spaces maintained and business thriving at a trailer park.

What does a Trailer Park Manager do?

Trailer Park Managers are like Property Managers for trailer parks and mobile home communities, where people can purchase or lease space for their RV. Although they’re famously beloved by tornadoes in places like Kansas, Iowa, and Oklahoma, trailer parks aren’t just popular hangouts for inclement weather. They’re also attractive destinations for adventurers, travelers, and wayfarers, who live their lives on the road – literally – in trailers.

Because they can’t park their house on a highway, these professional road-trippers need places to set up shop, whether it’s for a few days, weeks, months, or years. That’s where the Trailer Park Manager comes in.

As a Trailer Park Manager, you live on site in your own trailer, and are responsible for two things: land and tenants. Your first priority is usually the land on which the trailer park sits. So that people want to stay there, you’re expected to take care of the land, including any vacant lots, by making sure the grass is watered, mowed, and maintained. You’re also in charge of maintaining communal spaces and amenities – for example, community showers, barbecue pits, swimming pools, restrooms, and pet areas – and managing onsite utilities, including sewers, electrical systems, TV/Internet/phone service, and trash pickup.

On the tenant side, you’re there to market and show vacant lots, answer questions, resolve disputes, collect rent, and communicate and enforce park rules.

Whether it’s a modest mobile home park or a lavish RV resort, you’re basically the Landlord (or, if you prefer, the Sheriff of the trailer park “town”!).