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Traffic Agent

Solicit freight business from industrial and commercial firms.

What does a Traffic Agent do?

Solicits freight business from industrial and commercial firms and passenger-travel business from travel agencies, schools, clubs, and other organizations: Calls on prospective shippers to explain advantages of using company facilities. Quotes tariffs, rates, and train schedules. Explains available routes, load limits, and special equipment available, and offers suggestions in method of loading, crating, and handling freight. Calls on travel agents, schools, clubs, and other organizations to explain available accommodations offered by company. Quotes fares, schedules, and available itineraries offered to groups by company. Speaks to members of groups and organizations and exhibits travel movies showing points of interest along routes to stimulate interest in travel. Distributes descriptive pamphlets. Acts as liaison between shipper and carrier to obtain information for settling complaints. May specialize in soliciting freight or passenger contracts or may travel from community to community to solicit freight and passenger patronage and be designated Freight-Traffic Agent; Passenger Traffic Agent; Traveling-Freight-And-Passenger Agent.