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Trading Assistant

Train with a Trader to learn the ropes of buying and selling commodities.

What does a Trading Assistant do?

A Trading Assistant works with a Trader as a kind of apprentice. Together, they research commodities and buy and sell them on the open market. The position of Trading Assistant is generally a temporary one (eight months to two years), where you practice your clerical skills, flex your risk-taking muscles, and absorb the ins and outs of the trading world.

As a simple explanation, a Trader buys and sells products for a quick profit. Generally, the Trading Assistant and the Trader both work for a financial institution, such as a bank. With the bank’s money, the Trader buys commodities for sale on the market, then turns around to sell it (hopefully) at a profit. These are short-term investments, frequently held for a matter of minutes.

Your job in the process is to watch and learn. You print out spreadsheets for the Trader and watch their every move. Your access to actual trades varies with the company you work for. You may fill out trade tickets at the end of the trading session and, on occasion, possibly make an actual trade yourself. Most often, you will fetch lunch and coffee and then study the market some more.

Trading is not an occupation for the weak of heart. Fast-paced doesn’t begin to describe the lightening speed at which the paperwork flies. You need a Cardiologist on speed dial and a full-time Masseuse to pull you off the walls and get you to relax. But, few office jobs offer an adrenaline rush that compares.