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Trade Compliance Analyst

Make sure import-export trading is done according to the law.

What does a Trade Compliance Analyst do?

When a company ships products from one country to another, a Trade Compliance Analyst judges whether the shipment process followed all the importation or exportations laws.

The rules for international trade get complicated pretty quickly. There are different regulations for every country, and sometimes more than one set of rules within a single nation. Plus, because trade agreements are basically contracts between two (or more) countries, the exact same item can require totally different regulations depending on which countries are involved.

It’s the Trade Compliance Analysts’ task to navigate this dense legal jungle. So, if sorting through loads of bureaucratic tape drives you up the wall, stay clear of this job. On the other hand, if you have a mind for details, like working with numbers, and enjoy organizing multi-part ventures, the job of Trade Compliance Analyst could be a good match.

As an expert on all US import and export laws, you will guide companies and organizations in all international trade matters. Not only will you ensure that all the company’s product comply with the law, you will constantly have your ear to the ground to hear about changes in government trade regulations. You will also work with a wide range of regulatory agencies, including government bodies from the US and abroad, as well as vendors, clients, and manufacturers.

The work you do saves your company from being penalized by the government for improper trading, which can costs thousands of dollars.